cfp : CSIFA XIV (2019-07-30)
CSIFA XIV conference: "Ethics and CSR vs. Corruption and tax evasion: the business between performance and responsibility", organized by UR-RED on 15-16-17 December 2019 in Djerba.

New issue of \"journal of Academic Finance\" Spring 2019 (2019-06-30)
New issue of "journal of Academic Finance" (ISSN 1923-2993): Vol 10 No 1 (2019): Spring 2019 :

Counterfactual methods and operationalization with Stata (2019-04-06)
The research unit RED and the AEISGG are organizing a seminar on "Counterfactual methods and operationalization with Stata" led by Prof. Moktar LAMARI, professor at ENAP, Canada.

MATLAB workshop (2019-01-19)
The RED research unit, the AEISGG association and the ESSAT Gabès, are organizing a MATLAB workshop, led by Dr. Ines SLIM. program: 8H30-11H30: introduction and handling. 11.30-12.00: lunch cocktail. 12H-15H30: applications in management and finance-accounting.


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